Polish translation

Official English-Polish and Polish-English Translations.

Quick facts about the Polish language

Polish is among the West Slavic languages and is spoken by approximately 50 million people. While being the official language in Poland, it is also used in the United States and in Russia.

Types of texts that we translate into Polish

Economic texts

We translate commercial and economic texts. This includes marketing, economics, PR, and HR texts. We are able to do these translations fast, thanks to our native speaking professionals who have a passion towards languages and doing their job efficiently.

Legal texts

We translate any type of legal documents to and from Polish with the help of a native-speaking Polish translator. This includes sales agreements, agency contracts, cooperation contracts, authorizations, court orders, decisions, applications, requests, and police documentation.


Backed by years of experience in webpage translation, we can help those companies that have decided to introduce their products and services to foreign markets. We offer a fast service when it comes to webpage translations. Besides completing a Polish webpage translation, we can assist you in SEO/Search marketing activities. That is, we can disclose some secrets on how to attract more potential customers to your homepage.

We complete translations of any type of texts, including touristic, advertising, and technical texts, as well as dissertations, publications, user guides and more. We are comfortable with practically any type of text format, including Word, PowerPoint, or scanned texts.

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Ordering and receiving the completed translation

It is up to the client to decide the way the text will be submitted: e-mail, telephone, regular mail, or personally, through a courier. Likewise, the client can decide in what way the completed translation will be delivered.

Information concerning Polish translation prices

By utilizing our quote calculator, you will realize that we offer low and competitive prices. You also have an option to request a translation quote over the telephone or by e-mail. Send us the text that you need to have translated, and we will send a quotation within the hour.

We will provide you with the bank account number upon reaching an agreement.


If you are a regular customer, you will be given discounts!

Make use of our Polish translation services here in Sheffield. We will welcome you with open arms as our client.

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