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Quick facts about the German language?

German belongs to the German family of languages, and it is spoken by more than 130 million people around the world. It has a status of an official language in several countries, including Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium and others. As these countries are part of the developed Western world, they are a popular destination for job seekers. However, an inevitable condition of employment in German-speaking countries is knowledge of the language.

Although many foreigners speak German quite well, few of them would feel confident translating an official text. We know that one of the conditions for getting a job is for the candidate to submit certificates of the required professional competences.

This is what Translation Agency Netlingua can help you with! We offer native language, German translation and proofreading even on weekends. We will translate the document that serves as a proof of your education when applying for a job. Moreover, we can also translate the contract offered to you by the employer. This is very important, as you should be able to fully understand what you are signing.

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Official German translation with translator’s clause

Professionally translate documents between German and English and English and German with the help of Netlingua in Sheffield. Our services are available practically every day of the year, fast and professional translation by reliable translators. What we usually translate:

  • School certificates (secondary school and gymnasium final examination certificates, language exam certificates)
  • university and higher education diplomas
  • medical and public health texts (student’s books, manuals, findings, hospital discharge summaries, medical opinions, disease descriptions, anamneses, epicrises, psychological and psychiatric texts)
  • technical translations (manuals, user guides, operating manuals, maintenance manuals, product descriptions, brochures, instrument descriptions, engineering and energy texts, electrical text, construction plans, blueprints, construction permits)
  • legal translations (contracts, authorizations, agreements, cooperation contracts, sales agreements, vehicle registrations)
  • economic and commercial texts (marketing and PR materials, HR texts, financial, accounting, taxation, and bookkeeping documents, presentations, company documents, business correspondences, e-mails, webpages)

We can complete an official translation with a bilingual translator’s clause, as per client’s request. If you wish to get familiar with the content of your employment contract, send the document by regular or electronic mail, and we will translate it!

Netlingua translators in Sheffield

Our translators await you in a friendly environment at our office. Our professional translators have substantial professional experience, which enables them to do a fast and quality work. They constantly work on improving their skills and keeping up with changes in the German language, including its stylistics. Their job is their hobby!

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