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English translationEnglish-Hungarian and Hungarian-English translation in Sheffield with the help of Translation Agency Netlingua.

English is the most widespread foreign language in the World. It is a world language and is known and spoken by millions of people. A quick language courses make it possible to learn English well enough to make use of it when travelling or looking for a job. However, that level of language skill is insufficient when an accurate translation of a written English text is required. It is these kind of situations when you can rely on the services of Netlingua.

Located in Sheffield, we perform official English translations in Sheffield from Hungarian into English and from English into Hungarian practically any day of the year.

We perform fast and professional business translations, legal translations, technical translations, human sciences and psychology translations, translation of books, and translation of medical and public health texts, all into English language from here in Sheffield.

The translators who work at Translation Agency Netlingua have strong professional backgrounds and are capable of completing their work in the shortest possible time, observing the deadline determined by the client. English

How to send the text that you wish to have translated?

Unlike other translation agencies, our agency in Sheffield has long working hours, which means that you can come into our office and bring in the material after the usual working hours.

If you prefer, we also accept your text through regular mail. However, in this case, bear in mind that we will not receive the material instantly and you will also have to wait to receive the completed translation through regular mail.

The simplest and the quickest way to make use of our translation services is through the internet. Send the material you wish to have translated to our e-mail address (glajtos[at]yahoo[dot]com) in the preferred format, including scanned documents, and we will send you the completed translation with the shortest possible deadline. Try us on for size!

Payment for the completed translation

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Translation Agency Netlingua also offers proofreading services.

Express English translation in Sheffield

More and more enterprises and companies here in Sheffield, where we’re located, are turning to us to request our translation services because our translators do everything to perform English translations in the shortest possible time, whilst carrying out their work Sheffield at a high, professional level. A good translation should resemble the original text in that no difference between the original and the translation can be detected; that is, both texts have to be equally fluent. We are the right business partner for anyone who wants to effectively communicate and find a common language with the World.

Our translation agency in Sheffield has several years of experience and is proud of the fact that it always observes the agreed upon deadlines.

What has been the most difficult text we have translated into English so far?

A while ago we were contacted by a company that imports farming equipment from abroad and required the services of a translation agency that would be capable of translating several hundred pages into various European languages on a regular basis. Naturally, our manager agreed to accept the order. The toughest nut we had to crack so far was an English translation of instructions on how to use a seeding machine. The translating process itself began after thorough preparation, and the translated text itself was subject to detailed proofreading, which allowed us to find appropriate translations for each and every expression in the given text. The client was satisfied with the translation, and we have been successfully cooperating ever since, as we can understand each other in every language.

Who performs the translations? What makes them so professional?

Our translations agency cooperates only with professional translators who have all passed a C level language test. However, this is not the end, as they then have to continue to develop their linguistic skills to pass a much more difficult and advanced translators test. Only then can they become official translators and be qualified to work for us.

This kind of test is far from easy, as it not only requires a perfect command of the language, but also the ability to work fast and under pressure, as the candidates are expected to translate a relatively large text from or into English. This is followed by different types of tasks, whose purpose is to determine language proficiency. While candidates attend a one-year preparatory course prior to taking the exam, only a few of them are successful due to high requirements of the test.

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